Prescription assistance programs

Prescription assistance programs are within your grasp. Let’s face it, prescription medication is expensive. Sometimes insurance won’t pay for your medication or you have not prescription coverage at all. MedLink helps individuals and families find available prescription assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies to help them save money on their medications.

On average, we save clients $500 or more per month through prescription assistance programs. Many clients save thousands of dollars a year on their medications. Prescription assistance programs offer medication for free to those who qualify. MedLink simply facilitates the programs for you, at a very affordable cost.

If you qualify, we can enroll you immediately. We’ll take care of all the paperwork and you’ll begin to receive your medications in 4 to 8 weeks.* If we cannot save you money, we won’t enroll you for the prescription assistance programs.

Once you’re enrolled, your prescription advocate will work with you, your doctors, and the participating pharmaceutical companies to ensure you get all your medications through the prescription assistance programs for our low service charge of $60** per month.

What MedLink can do for you:

  • Verify that you meet the qualifications of prescription assistance programs for your medication(s).
  • Enroll you in MedLink for a low monthly fee.
  • Match your brand-name medicine with any participating prescription assistance programs.
  • Confirm your current prescriptions with your physician(s). Ask for the signed prescription assistance program applications from your doctor and submit them the appropriate pharmaceutical companies.
  • Maintain contact with you through the prescription assistance programs application and approval process. We’ll give you regular status updates on your medications.
  • Confirm approval and receipt of all medications from the appropriate pharmaceutical prescription assistance programs.
  • Continue to work on your behalf throughout dosage changes, refills, and changed prescriptions.

*All time frames are approximate. Delivery of medications may vary based on a variety of factors to include but not limited to: client providing needed documents, doctor confirming medication in a timely manner, and the time of year. ** $60 per month covers service on up to three medications — please speak with your enrollment specialist for pricing for over four medications.