Frequently Asked Questions

As a MedLink client, you will have unlimited access to our turnkey assistance with over 4500 Patient Assistance Programs. Your Personal Care Advocate will assist you by:
1. Matching your request with the specific program that can offer you assistance.
2. Prepare all required application documents for each company.
3. Forward the documents to you for your doctor’s signature.
4. Deliver your signed requests to the appropriate program for processing.
5. Follow up when it is time for your medications to be reordered.

There is a one time enrollment fee of $75 and each month your service fee is $60 for up to 3 medications, over four medications is $20 per additional medication. Your first month is $135 plus $20 for each additional medication over 3 (depending on your number of medications) which include your enrollment fee and first months service. You can put this enrollment and subsequent payments on a visa, mastercard or discover by phone.

You can. Each company has its own website and forms and requirements that are usually confusing and lengthy. We equate it to filing you taxes. You can do it yourself but it is much more efficient and profitable to use a certified tax preparer. We are professionals and able to jump through the hoops that cause most people to be denied these programs. With a cost as low as $60 per month, MedLink can get your needed medications in your hands in a reliable and affordable way.

No, we are a service company and do not guarantee any type of benefits

Our programs are for Brand Name medications only.

The medications are supplied directly from the drug manufacturer and normally at least a 90 day supply is given.

There is differing of opinions on the exact reasons that Pharmaceutical Companies are giving away so many free prescription medications. Some say that they do it because of their ongoing commitment to public health and because they really do care about low-income families. Others, noting the excruciating guidelines to participate and that the programs are not publicized, argue it is more of a political move on the part of these companies. Regardless of why, the fact is that they do give away free prescription medications and many people can benefit. And now, with the help of MedLink, the processes have been made easy for the average patient.

From the time you enroll until your medications are in your hands takes on average 4-8 weeks. Renewal applications must be sent in early to allow for this. Your Personal Care Advocate will contact you when it is time to get started on the renewal process.

Continue with your medication as normal until the first shipment arrives from the pharmaceutical company. MedLink never dispenses medication or approves an application, we cannot guarantee the time of shipment of your order.

Most companies send a three-month supply, some send more and some send a card you actually take to your local pharmacy.

Most Patient Assistance Programs require that you complete the entire application process for each shipment of medication that they send. Your Advocate will complete all of the paperwork to make sure that you continue to receive your free prescription refills in a timely manner. Every effort is made to complete the process in ample time to receive your refills before you run out of medication. However, as we never dispense medication or approve an application, we cannot guarantee the time or promptness of your delivery. Your cooperation with your Personal Care Advocate is crucial to ensure the process runs smoothly.

We make every effort to pre-qualify you for Patient Assistance Programs before we take your initial application. Our pre-qualification is based on the most recent data available. If for any reason you are denied by all pharmacy companies, you will receive a full refund of your Membership dues once you provide the company with all your rejection letters. The enrollment fee is never refundable.