Who We Are

At MedLink, our goals are simple. We want to be the link between you and your expensive prescription medication. We work as a liaison between the client, the doctor, and the pharmaceutical company to make your enrollment in prescription assistance programs run smoothly.

What started as a way to help a few people save money on their prescription medications became a passion to make a difference, one family at a time. We started in July of 2007 as “The Patient’s Advocate”, and changed our name to MedLink in June of 2010. Says owner Shelly Deason: “We started The Patient’s Advocate after I had worked in the healthcare field for several years. It was heartbreaking to see people struggle with their health and finances because they could not afford their medication. I’ve seen it firsthand — if people can afford their medications, they can avoid excess medical bills and hospitalizations.”

MedLink has studied the industry and has found that the general public is not aware of prescription assistance programs. They are not only difficult to find, but they all have specific guidelines that can be very confusing. MedLink’s goal is to provide the highest quality customer service for our clients. We want to help you obtain your prescription medications. Prescription assistance programs are our specialty and we strive each day to get better at the service we offer our clients.

As a company, we commit to:

  • Obtain as many of your expensive, brand-name prescriptions through free prescription assistance programs as possible
  • Keep you aware throughout the approval process
  • Ensure that once you are approved, all your refills are processed in a timely manner
  • Add or change your medications as directed by your doctor
  • Keep your best interests at heart. If we can’t save you money, we will not enroll you in our prescription assistance program